Electing Maggie as Scotland’s first Green MEP will send a message that we want to be a just and welcoming country, where we fight inequality instead of pandering to corporate interests, value the contribution of new Scots from around the world, and stand up in the international community as an independent voice for peace.

But it can only happen if you get involved!

There are loads of ways you can keep up momentum in the last few days of the campaign, so have a look at the list below and see what you can do!

Out and about

There are campaign events around the country, and we’re adding more every day. Check the Events page to see what’s planned near you.

All around Scotland, local teams are heading out to talk to people about the European elections and deliver our campaign postcards. If you want to help but there are no public events you can make it to, contact diary@scottishgreens.org.uk to find out if there’s a team of volunteers in your area.

If there’s no team in near you we can still send you some postcards or posters to drop in to your neighbours, or leave at local meeting places!


Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread the word about voting green, and there are lots of different ways you can get the word out:

Print off this poster, write in why you’re backing Maggie, and use the photo as your profile pic (you can also put it in your window!)

— Add a #VoteGreen2014 Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook avatar.

— Pick your favourite of the images below and use it as your Facebook banner picture.





— Join the Vote Maggie Chapman for a Just and Welcoming Scotland facebook event, and make sure to invite all of your friends.

— Follow Maggie and the Scottish Greens on twitter and retweet anything you find interesting!

— Share our illustrations quith quotes from our friends Pat Kane, Alan Bisset, Jean Uquhart and John Finney.

jean_urquhart alan_bissettpat_kanejohn_finnie

At home

We have posters you can put up in your window showing your support for a Green vote (it might also stop other parties bothering you!). If you’d like one sent to you, email contact diary@scottishgreens.org.uk.

You may have received one of our campaign leaflets through the post.  You can download a copy of our mailing here:


Talk to your friends, family and neighbours about why you’re voting Green – for many people they simply haven’t thought about it before, but once they hear our policies they realise we’re the party for them!

On polling day

Most local green party branches will have activities planned for polling day, so contact them (or us) to see if there’s anything you can get involved with. This might be standing at busy places (train stations, shopping centres) handing out a postcards and reminding people to vote – an hour or so of doing this can make a big difference!

Send a text out to all of your contacts. Lots of people will simply forget to vote on polling day, so a quick reminder might be appreciated. Something like: “Hi, this is just a quick text to let you know that I’m going to be voting for the Green candidate Maggie Chapman in the European elections today. I hope you’ll consider doing the same!”

And Finally…

We don’t have the millionaire backers of the other major parties, so we rely on generous donations from our supporters to fund the campaign. Can you contribute anything towards our fundraising target of £1500 for the final fortnight of the campaign?

Please also tweet and Facebook the fundraising appeal! The link is https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/back-the-greens-keep-scotland-ukip-free.