We need your help to elect Maggie and send the message that Scots want a just and welcoming nation.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer – you don’t need to be a Scottish Greens member (though if you want to be, you can join here), you don’t have to be old enough to vote, and you certainly don’t need to have been involved in a campaign before.

For ideas of things you can do to elect Maggie right now, see the Your Campaign page.

Check the Events page to see if there are any public events planned in your area. If not, drop us a line – we can put you in touch with your local campaign team.

Our Volunteer Co-ordinator is Andy Ashe, and you can email him at volunteer@scottishgreens.org.uk.

If you know what sort of thing you want to do, Andy will point you in the right direction. And if you don’t, he can answer any of your questions and chat to you about what needs doing.