Scots want an end to Westminster control of immigration

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Stencil graffiti of Paddington Bear with the slogan: "migration is not a crime"

Two-thirds of us want the Scottish Parliament to have control over immigration policy, according to a poll carried out for the Green MSPs, Alison Johnstone and Patrick Harvie.

Even 40% of those planning to vote against independence want a end to Westminster rule over migration.

Maggie has always stood up against the xenophobic rhetoric of the Westminster parties, which has intensified in recent years as they chase UKIP votes.

“I’m delighted, but not at all surprised, that Scots want to see the back of Westminster’s heartless and headline-chasing treatment of our friends and neighbours from around the world.

“I’m proud that the Green Party has never, and will never, pander to tabloid bigotry. Like many Scots I was inspired by the Glasgow Girls’ campaign against dawn raids and immigration detention, and devastated when we lost the fight to keep the Vucaj family in Glasgow.

“Green MSPs have been calling for an end to brutal immigration enforcement practices since Holyrood was founded. But Scotland’s powers over this area are extremely limited – the policies imposed on our communities are those decided in Westminster to woo far-right voters in the South East.

“Just this week we have learned of yet another family being kept apart by UK rules that say you can only live here with your husband or wife from outside the EU if you’re rich. It’s heartless and stupid, but if anything we can expect future UK governments of either party to make things worse, not better.

“If Scotland controlled its own immigration policies we could put an end to dawn raids and imprisonment of refugees, we could stop breaking up families just because they were born in different countries, and we could open our doors to the great international talent that is drawn to our world-class universities, high-tech industries and cultural life.”

“In the meantime, as Scotland’s Green MEP, I would defend the right of free movement across Europe, fight for the right to a family life denied by rules like the UK’s, and oppose the rise of hardline ‘Fortress Europe’ policies at the EU’s borders.

“I’m sick and tired of people who want to come and be part of our country’s future being treated like criminals. Scots believe in a just and welcoming nation. It’s about time our politicians delivered.”