Greens believe in a new internationalist role for Scotland in the world, where we extend our role in peace-keeping and help ordinary people caught up in war; disband the Cold War relic NATO and say no to illegal wars and military aggression. A Scottish Green MEP in Europe offers the chance to play a new, more responsible role in our relationships with the rest of the world. Similarly, this year’s independence referendum provides the biggest opportunity Scots have ever had to remove Trident from our waters and strengthen the hand of those in the rest of the UK and across the globe who are working for disarmament.  Greens will support a constitutional ban on weapons of mass destruction and we’ll oppose membership of the NATO nuclear alliance.

Greens believe that the real threats to human security and wellbeing in the 21st century relate to land, food, water and energy security and to climate and global injustice, not the defence of borders between friendly nations. Greens will argue for a Scotland that puts these priorities ahead of massive military spending.

While Greens believe that foreign policy ought to be determined by national governments, not the EU, we accept that the EU as it is has a signifiant role in foreign policy, and a regrettably growing role in defence policy. Green MEPs have consistently worked to make Europe a force for peace and justice in the world and so long as the EU maintains its power on the world stage, will continue to do so.

As your Scottish Green MEP Maggie will:

  • Support the creation of a European Peace Corps to allow for civilian peace-building and disaster responses at times of crisis.
  • Work to ban landmines and cluster bombs from the EU and ban weapons of mass destruction from the EU, including the UK’s nuclear weapons.
  • Campaign to end the ongoing militarisation of the EU. A union that was established in part to prevent future wars should not be in the business of establishing its own army.
  • Support the current international courts and push for the establishment of a court in which transnational companies can be tried.
  • Oppose the sale of military technology, including arms and surveillance technology, to oppressive regimes, and campaign for much stricter regulation of the arms trade.