Maggie stands for a Scotland where ordinary workers are put ahead of bankers’ bonuses; where we play our part internationally in peace-keeping, and helping those caught up in war; and which is a welcoming place for people to come and live.

A just economy

We are one of the richest countries on earth, but deepening inequality and the viscious austerity agenda means that most of us will never see the benefit of those riches. Maggie would fight austerity and take action to make our economy fairer for everyone. Read more.

A welcoming Scotland

Greens believe that movement of people between countries is good for Scottish society and economy. We want Scotland to feel as welcoming a place for people to come and work and live, as we would expect if we moved elsewhere. Read more.

Working for peace

We stand for a very different kind of Scotland within the world, where we extend our role in peace-keeping and helping ordinary people caught up in war; disbanding the Cold War relic NATO and saying no to illegal wars and military aggression. Read more.

Defending public services

We believe that public services services should be in public hands.  As your Green MEP, Maggie will back vital services like post offices, railways and the NHS and take a firm stand against privatisation of public services.

2014: Scotland’s future

Greens support a Yes vote in this year’s independence referendum.  We believe in an independent Scotland in Europe – a Scotland with the powers to secure the fairer society and flourishing environment we need and which stands tall as part of a family of nations.

Communities in control

We’re the party of local control, handing power down to community level: from Europe to nation state, nation state to local councils and local councils to communities. Greens put local decisions first.