Join Maggie in Inverness and Ullapool

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Ullapool by neil_roger on flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Photo: “Ullapool” by Neil Roger. Some rights reserved.
With just over a month to go until the European election, we’re making sure we can tell as many people as possible about why they should vote Green for a just and welcoming Scotland. This weekend Maggie and her team will be heading to Inverness and Ullapool to campaign both for the European election, and for a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

On Sunday 13th Maggie will be in Inverness taking part in a Green Yes and Radical Independence mass canvass of the Merkinch area. On Monday 14th, She’ll be spending the day campaigning in Ullapool with the support of independent MSP Jean Urquhart. And on Monday evening, she’ll be putting the case for an independent, Green Scotland at Yes Ullapool’s public meeting.

Speaking about campaigning with Radical Independence in Inverness, Maggie said:

“The referendum has created the opportunity for the voices of ordinary people to be heard over the chatter of establishment political parties, corporate interests and London media.

“The people of Merkinch deserve a Scotland that attacks poverty not the poor, treats our friends from around the world with respect not racism, and puts our wellbeing before NATO weapons.

“That Scotland is within our grasp. But only if we work, shout, and – crucially – vote for it.”

The details for all of these opportunities to help the campaign are below. Please join us if you are in the area, or, if you can’t make it, please spread the word!

INVERNESS: Green Yes / Radical Independence Mass Canvass

1.00pm, Sunday 13 April, Merkinch Community Centre, Coronation Park, Inverness, IV3 8AD

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Maggie is leading an afternoon of indyref campaigning, as Green Yes joins forces with Radical Independence to register voters and boost turnout in the Merkinch area of Inverness. All welcome, whether beginner or seasoned activist, and from any party or none. Full instructions, canvass sheets and leaflets will be provided, and you’ll have the chance to pair with a more experienced campaigner if you want to.

ULLAPOOL: Campaigning with Maggie and Jean Urquhart MSP

Meet at 10.30pm, Friday 4 April, The Ceilidh Place, 12-14 West Argyle Street, Ullapool, IV26 2TY

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Maggie will campaigning around Ullapool with Jean Urquhart, independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands. Meet Maggie and Jean for a morning coffee at the Ceilidh Place if you’d like to join them for anything from an hour to the full day.

ULLAPOOL: Yes Ullapool! public meeting

7.30pm, Monday 14 April, Ullapool Village Hall, 24 Market Street, Ullapool, IV26 2XE

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Maggie will be discussing the Green vision for an independent Scotland with Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland, Alastair Hutchison of Liberal Democrat Voters for Independence, George (Andy) Anderson of Labour for Independence, and Natalie McGarry of Women for Independence. The event will be chaired by award-winning ex-BBC journalist Iain MacDonald.