Chas Booth

Chas is the Green Councillor for Leith on Edinburgh City Council. Prior to his election in May 2012 Chas was a fuel poverty campaigner with a small trade association and a member of the Scottish Government’s advisory forum on fuel poverty. He previously worked in the Scottish and European Parliaments, and has lived and worked in Brussels, Bavaria and Bosnia. A graduate of Edinburgh University, Chas was born near Lincoln and lives in Leith with his wife and two young children.

Grace Murray

Grace is an energy policy advisor to the Greens in the European Parliament, and an activist with the Hollaback! campaign against sexist street harassment.

Alastair Whitelaw

Alastair is a university administrator and an active trade unionist.

Anne Thomas

Anne is an environmental activist in Inverness, focusing on local energy, food and the local economy.

Steen Parish

Steen is an energy advisor in Glasgow.